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Andrew Fouts

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Andrew Fouts created Ministry Misfit Media after seeing the state of the American Church's online presence in the wake of 2020's events, culminating with the events of January 6, 2021, and the Christian Twitter frenzy that has followed.

A licensed Minister, Teacher, and Coach, Andrew has served in a variety of leadership positions both in the Church and in Christian Education, and brings these experiences with him as he analyzes current trends in both sectors and the world around us. 

Andrew currently lives in Canton, OH, with his wife Mica and their 2 children.

Brandon Simmons

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Brandon Simmons joined the Ministry Misfit Media team after stepping down from his corporate job to explore careers in serving the local community. 

Brandon graduated from Malone University with a degree in Business Administration. In addition to his academic pursuits, Brandon also ran cross country and track during college and competed at DII Nationals his senior year. Brandon enjoys seeking new outdoor adventures including kayaking, hiking, and camping with his wife.

Brandon currently attends 3rd St. Community Church in Canton, OH, where he also volunteers his time in a basketball league. Brandon and his wife currently live in Canton OH. 

Dr. Greg Linville

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Dr. Greg Linville serves as the Director of Resources for CSRM, and is the Executive Producer for Overwhelming Victory Flix and Overwhelming Victory Radio, as well as the Executive Editor for Overwhelming Victory Press and the Dean of the AGON Institute. 

Dr. Linville is a world renown expert in the areas of theology and sports outreach ministry, and has authored a number of books on these topics.


Dr. Linville is a Licensed Pastor through the Evangelical Friends – Eastern Region and preaches/teaches on the average of 25 Sundays per year in various churches.  Married since 1982 he and his wife reside in Ohio, have two married children and enjoy a growing number of grandchildren. 

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