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Infertility, Pregnancy Loss, & Child Loss Awareness Month Special with @tofertileChurch
Ministry Misfits

Infertility, Pregnancy Loss, & Child Loss Awareness Month Special with @tofertileChurch

This week, Brandon & Andrew are on vacation, but it has come at a good time! October is Infertility, pregnancy loss, & infant loss awareness month, & so this week we are going to go back & hear from the Terrazas Family about what the church needs to understand & do about the way they handle families struggling with Infertility & Child Loss. And a reminder that if you have dealt with Infertility in the Church, @tofertilechurch would love to hear your story for her upcoming book project. The link for the survey can be found in the show notes. So join us as we go back and hear this important discussion around #Infertility with the #LocalChurch and a #PostRoe World featuring Brandon and Karen Terrazas. This conversation, while necessary, deals with very sensitive issues that may be tougher for some of us to hear or discuss. If you have experienced infertility and would like to participate in the #researchproject mentioned in this episode click on the link here: For the Blog mentioned in today's episode click here: For more information on Ministry Misfits visit: You can support the show by joining us on Patreon at Season 2 is brought to you by Laird Creative Agency. For more information on Laird Creative Agency visit:
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