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Capitalist Christianity

A piece of Cold War Theology, but one that is more explicitly highlighted in our American church culture today.

Capitalist Christianity is a common issue of heresy and idolatry within American Christianity. Its the belief that Capitalism is not only Biblically supported, but Biblically mandated. This is completely false on both fronts.

Capitalism is Humanist. It was founded by Adam Smith in the 18th Century, and is designed to be all about personal gains at all cost. This by default causes the system to be exploitative and self promoting. It also by default produces an attitude about our personal finances that is warned against multiple times in both the Old and New Testaments.

Capitalism is not Biblical. No Economic system fits a Biblical model. It can't. The Biblical model cannot make sense to those the Spirit does not inhabit. The model is about Sacrifice, submission, care for others, no profits, no wealth, and the storing of treasures in heaven. It is about contentment, a fruit of the Spirit that cant be found outside the faith.

Capitalist Christianity is an epidemic within American churches beyond that of other Cold War Theology heresies. It is responsible for mass exploitation throughout History, continued injustices sponsored by the church, and has produced the culture that created Prosperity theology. It must be called out and removed from our theologies.

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