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Other Appearances

The CSRM Podcast

Dr. Greg Linville is the regular host, and Andrew is a regular contributor on The CSRM Podcast. This podcast is the flagship show of Overwhelming Victory Radio, and features experts in the areas of Sports, Recreation, and Fitness Ministry


CSRM Tuesday Talks

Andrew and Dr. Greg Linville are regular hosts on The CSRM Tuesday Talks. The Tuesday Talks is a monthly live roundtable discussing the different challenges of do SRF Ministry in a COVID and Post-COVID world.

Kingdom on the Road

KOTR is a weekly livestream roundtable with a number of CPA Podcasters. This roundtable discusses a variety of topics and passages dealing with the Cultural issues of the day. Andrew is regular member of the team. 


Fatherhood Fridays

Andrew joined Chalmer Williams on his show, Fatherhood Fridays, to discuss the death of his daughter in 2019. They talked about the loss, the mourning, and the lack of resources for fathers.


Testimony House

Andrew joined John Simmons on his show Testimony House to talk about Andrew's story of depression, family, grief, and ministry.

Clergy Talk

Andrew was a guest of Clergy Talk where he discussed Sports, Recreation, and Fitness Ministry, as well as his own story of being a Ministry Misfit.


Teaching Tuesday

Andrew joined Bishop Anthony T Pelt on Teaching Tuesday. They discussed Twitter, Digital Ministry, Sports Ministry, 2020, and the Misfits.


Dorsey Ross Show

Andrew joined Dorsey Ross to talk about what it means to be a Ministry Misfit, where to find our identity, and the need to be involved in our churches.


A Voice For The Hurting

Andrew joined Lori Armstrong to discuss the tragedy of losing a child, finding strength in God, and the unfortunate lack of resourcing for Fathers in mourning.


The Bible Says What?

Andrew went on this Atheist Show to talk about the Offensiveness of Scripture and how we deal with it.


(Due to the graphic nature of what was discussed on this show, you can message us for a link to listen.)

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