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About Us

Ministry Misfits is an online ministry and resource center featuring blogs and broadcasts. We specialize in theological approaches to the social & cultural issues facing the American church today, especially related to racism, Christian Nationalism, Cold War Theology, Capitalist Christianity, & Abuse.

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During the chaos of COVID, Elections, and Racial Divisions of 2020, there was no shortage of voices in evangelicalism sharing their opinions on one side or the other. But what was lacking were voices in ministry, speaking to ministers, without any of the political rhetoric of one party or the other. Why? Because doing so puts you at risk of losing your job. This led many pastors to have to ask the question "How do I keep my job, and fulfill my calling?" Andrew and Dr. Linville began discussing this lack of resourcing, and Dr. Linville advised Andrew to begin writing out blogs to begin fulfilling the need...

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Meet the Misfits

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Theology 101

Wondering more about some of the terms we use. Take a closer look at some of our most asked about terms and philosophies.

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The Weekly Show dealing with topics related to Ministry, Politics, Society, Scripture, History, & Theology.

Our annual advent series, where Andrew tests Brandon's Bible & Christmas knowledge over 12 Days.

A YouTube exclusive special holiday series featuring Joe Dea & Andrew Fouts asking the question Is It Pagan?

We have a special exclusive for our Patreon supporters. Join us for some Bible Studies walking through different books of the Bible.

Join Andrew, Joe, & Ant every Friday morning at 9:30 for the Kingdom on the Road Livestream.

Our Shows

We offer a variety of shows covering different areas of theology and Bible knowledge.

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