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Ministry Misfits is an online resource center for Theological outlooks on todays social and cultural dilemmas facing American Christianity. Check out our shows, blogs, & other resources offering a Christocentric approach to todays Theological questions.

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Our Shows

Check out our list of Podcasts, YouTube Specials, Live Broadcasts, and Video Bible Studies.

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Our Blog

Check out our blog full of articles dealing with different Theology, Bible, Social, or expanded topics from our episodes or online interactions.

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Check out the collection of books we have mentioned on our show. Whether written by our guests or just mentioned as an additional resource.


Check out the collection of podcasts and streams we have mentioned on our show. Whether hosted by our guests, shows we have appeared on, or just mentioned on our show as an additional resource.

Ministry Partners

Misfits is partnered with other like minded ministries whether local to Canton, Ohio, Domestic, or even International.

Theology 101

We know that sometimes we use terms you may not be familiar with. Take a look at some of the most common phrases we get questions about.

Other Resources

Looking to go deeper? Check out our lists of other resources including podcasts, books, theology walkthroughs, and other ministries to help you on your journey.

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