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The Gospel

What is the Gospel? This is a question we get asked a lot, and is misunderstood. So what is the Gospel?

The Gospel is both a story and a manifesto. It is both the story of Jesus (The Gospels) and the message and teachings of Jesus for our lives. At Misfits we break down the message and teachings like this:

The Gospel is incarnational, just like Jesus. The Gospel is both about the Spiritual rescuing of sinners under the oppression of the Curse of Sin, and simultaneously about the Physical rescuing of those oppressed by the physical effects of the curse of sin in the world. The Gospel is about both not one or the other. This means that we should be taking the Gospel into all the World, preaching Good News to both the poor & the poor in Spirit. We should be seeking sight for the physically and spiritually blind. We should be calling out for the freeing of the spiritually and physically oppressed. And we should definitely seek to see the physical oppression caused by those claiming Jesus to cease by preaching the true Christocentric Gospel of Jesus.

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