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Four Fold Rubric

Success is relative, and even more so in ministry. What should we be judging our ministry success by? How do we know we are doing things well?

The Four Fold Rubric is how we are able to determine success in our ministries, both personally and in a local church or parachurch ministry setting. Often times we soley rely on numbers and mathematical formulas to determine our effectiveness, and miss the obvious success or failures that truly define the impact our ministry is making.

Is it Strategic?
Do we have a defined mission and defined target?

Is it Relevant?
Does it meet the cultural needs or expectations of our target?

Is it Strategically-Relevant?
Does our strategies in place meet the cultural needs of our target?

Is it Efficient?
Do we have the resources to do this?

Is it Effective?
Does it fulfill the mission and vision of what we are striving for?

Is it Efficiently-Effective?
Are we responsibly meeting the goals we have set, with the resources we have?

Success is a difficult thing to determine in most areas of life, but it becomes all the more muddied in Ministry contexts. We become fascinated with numbers, when in reality the numbers are not a good indicator of how successful we are being. The four-fold rubric allows us to strip away the numbers and determine our effectiveness by the way we are impacting the culture of the churches and communities we are in.

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