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Cold War Theology

Whats Cold War Theology? Its a term we use often, but many dont understand. What exactly is it and why do we talk about it so often...

Cold War Theology is a term that we created, but a concept that is well known and easy to see. This theological framework is a combination of multiple other worldviews and has shown itself over the past 100 years of American History, culminating with the events of January 6, 2021.

What is it? Cold War Theology is a combination of multiple other Worldviews, but most prominent are: Replacement Theology, Covenant Theology, Dispensationalism, Puritanism, & Muscular Christianity.

These perspectives mixed with American and World Historical Events from the 1800s on, have developed into a Political and Theological hodgepodge highlighted by these main characteristics: Democracy vs
Communism, Capitalism vs Socialism, Christianity vs Atheism & Islam, Christian Nationalism, City on a Hill, doctrine of discovery, and Fear-mongering.

What we have seen over the past decade here in the United States, has been a long time coming. Cold War Theology has largely impacted both the church and the political atmosphere. Knowing where it comes from, what Scripture actually says, and how we should respond, will allow us to combat this twisting of scripture in the future.

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