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You can support the show financially by becoming a Patreon Subscriber. This also gets you extra benefits like exclusive merch, access to live events, extra episodes, and an exclusive Bible Study.


Grab some Misfits Merch and support the show everywhere you go!


You can not only support the Misfits bit also help our partner TIQVAH, by purchasing TIQVAH gear from our store.


There are other ways you can support the show, inculding special events and simply using your phone.

Misfit Members

Bridget Kuenning-Pollpeter

Gregory Baker


Dr. Bryan Hudson

Anonymous im Colorado

Ministry Partner

Mark Thielbar

Digital Missionary

Wilbur Jones

Charmaine Nokuri

Ministry Misfit

Sheila Carl

This is the space to introduce the Product section and showcase the types of products available. 

Access to Ministry Misfits Bible Studies, Live Studio Sessions, & Occasional Early Blog Releases

Misfits Membership | $3/month

All of the Membership Level perks as well as an exclusive Sticker.

Co-Laborer | $5/month

All of the Co-Laborer Level Perks, as well as exclusive episodes & an exclusive mug.

Ministry Partner | $10/month

All of the Ministry Partner perks, as well as exclusive episode requests & an exclusive Tshirt.

Digital Missionary | $20/month

All of the Digital Missionary Perks, as well as an exclusive hoodie.

Ministry Misfit | $100/month

TIQVAH Collection

TIQVAH Collection
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Misfits Merch Shop

You can get some extra bang for your buck during the two donation campaigns we run throughout the year. Each June, new supporters receive a thank-you gift for Birthday Month, and every November we give our support money to TIQVAH for Giving Month.

Donation Months

Join us every football season for some fun fundraising for our partners at TIQVAH. Join in on the Misfits Fantasy Football league for a small cover fee that goes to help support the work TIQVAH - Hands of Hope does for our kids here in Canton, Ohio.

Fantasy Football

Check out our merchandise store for some Misfits Merch. We have tshirts, sweatshirts, polos, mugs, tumblers, glassware, hats, & more. You can also check out our affiliate stores, including Giving Bean Coffee & Tea.

Misfit Merch & Affiliates

Looking to help support the ministry in other ways? You can help us by doing a few simple things like following, sharing, subscribing, and reviewing our episodes and blogs. 

Non-Financial Support

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