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Evangelistic Disciple Making

We hear a lot about disciple-making and alot about evangelism, but what happens when we view them together as one call?

When asked, most Christians can answer the questions "What is evangelism?" and "What is Discipleship?" The harder question comes in next, "Which is the true call of a Christian?" Depending on the age, denomination, and culture of the person, you will get different arguments as to why one approach is better then the other. We however, argue that the answer is a hybrid of both we call EVANGELISTIC DISCIPLE MAKING.

The Great Commission for Jesus in Matthew 28 gives us the blue print for Evangelistic Disciple Making as our ultimate call within the Church.

We are told to GO out, not stay in. This is one area that evangelism highlights well and is an important aspect of Evangelistic Disciple Making. The call is to go where the people are rather than expecting them to come to us.

Now that we are out, we are told to make disciples. This is accomplished through an evangelistic model know as Celtic Evangelism, and the 5 B's.

Baptism is a natural step in the disciple making process, whether dunked, sprinkled, or dry-cleaned, the baptism of the Spirit along with the public declaration of one's faith is a crucial piece to the Disciplemaking process.

The final step, is a lifelong process, of teaching them what Discipleship really looks like. Ultimately the goal is to teach them to teach others, or as we like to say "Producing Reproducing Reproducers."

Evangelistic Disciple Making is a critical role of the Church, and what we strive to practice and promote within everything we do and produce here with Misfits. While this isn't the only method of evangelism out there, we believe it is the most effective and the best acting out of the Great Commission.

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