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The 5B's

The 5B's of Evangelistic Disciple Making help us with recognizing the process of discipleship, and our responsibility along the way.

The 5B's of Evangelistic Disciple Making

This is a feeling of belonging among both the disciple and disciple maker, that they are a welcome part of the community. This comfort allows for relationship building and trust to ask questions that will eventually lead to the second B.

Once there is a sense of belonging, belief is able to happen. Belief comes from a convincing of the Spirit that Jesus is Lord. Belief will lead in to the 3rd B.

Now that there is belief, Baptism comes next, first by the Spirit of God, and then from a public declaration of faith. In many traditions this involves water baptism or confirmation. The public declaration though is the key piece. This public declaration is that Jesus is Lord and they are committing to discipleship from the Local Church.

Now that they have received the Holy Spirit, and are apart of a discipling church, behavior will begin to change, Fruits of the Spirit will begin to show, and a transformed mind will begin to come forth, which will eventually develop into B5.

Becoming a disciple is not the end of the discipleship journey, this is a life long process, but once you become a disciple, you are now supposed to also become a disciple maker. Starting back at Belong with an entire new group of people you are called to reach.

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